Transitioning into fall fashion gets me so excited & then I realize that I live in Houston, TX…we have shorts weather roughly 85% of year? But that doesn’t stop me from smartly transitioning my wardrobe to fall without the fear of boiling in my fall fashion. Fall fashion in Texas can still be done y’all! Let me show you how with these key pieces I got from Mud Pie’s newest fall additions!

Suede leggings, y’all. These are a major upgrade to the leggings game, they are amazingly comfortable & stylish without giving you the lazy leggings look that so many pairs can give you. Mud Pie was so smart to just have the front as suede, it is a beautiful look for fall. And IΒ  am in LOVEΒ  with the high waist on these black suede leggings (they also come in other colors!), they’re a great addition to fall/winter wardrobe!

Throw a suede vest over pretty much anything! I’ve paired this gorgeous green Mud Pie suede vest with both dresses & jeans successfully already! And even suede on suede! Can you do that? Well I did it & LOVED it! With a switch of the shoes & throwing on a olive green suede vest & booties, I took my suede leggings up another level of fall fashion!

And seriously the EASIEST most fall fashion trend you can do? Throw a blanket vest on, it screams “HEEEEYYYYYYY IT’S FALL Y’ALL!!!!” & you can pair it with the simplest outfit for instant fall vibes. Can it get simpler than a pair of jeans & a white top? But add this Mud Pie blanket vest & you’ll be dreaming of a pumpkin spice latte! What absolutely sold me on this particular blanket vest is that it is a blend of colors & I could pair ANY of my boots with it and they’d match. I love a piece that can be that versatile!


Cooper Suede Leggings (also comes camel brown & charcoal)
Isabelle Suede Vest (also comes in toffee brown)
Blanket Vest (more on mud pies website)