I’m always on the search for natural products that I use for everyday use, as much as I loved to give up all my beauty & healthcare products for cleaner ones…well I know I won’t. So I have been making an effort to trade out items we use the most for cleaner products, you know like toothpaste, deodorant, stuff that I use so often that it would make a bigger impact than the blush I wear once a week. So on my search for products that don’t suck, because let’s face it….a lot of natural products just don’t cut it. I’m looking at you natural deodorant….. Well here are my top 5 products that are well loved in my house & just down right ROCK!

Hey friends! I got to try out the Mary Kay Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask & decided to share my thoughts on my first time using this mask. And as an extra surprise, my go to Mary Kay babe is giving…

So here I am 6 weeks after having CoolSculpting. I thought I would check in since some many people wanted to know if it has started to show results, if I’m trying to lose extra weight & if any other side effects occurred after my first blog post about CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting Houston


I got CoolSculpting last week at Advanced Laser Solutions & MedSpa in Houston (Upper Kirby location). Yep. I sure did. You might have seen my stories, if you follow my Instagram.


First. Why? I’ll get asked this question a lot, in fact I already have. Well, I am for the most part confident & very loving of my body. Except my mama muffin, I just can’t grasp loving it. I’ve always had a bit of a bulge but after birthing my daughter (almost two years ago) it’s just the worse. My c-section scar has created a “shelf” that my fat seems to collect on & I don’t like it. I hide it well with supportive undies (favs!) & shape wear galore!