Hey friends! I’ve teamed up with Primizie Crispbreads to create a go to summer dip recipe! When figure out what exactly I wanted to do, I thought back to my favorite things to eat at a BBQ. And that, my friends is jalapeΓ±o poppers! So I went to work in the kitchen to create this delicious recipe that will have you piling it up on your Primizie Crispbreads, don’t worry they are hardy crisps so they can handle your dipping habits without breaking in your dip. Don’t you just hate when that happens?! And then it sinks & then you have to figure out where it is before it gets all gross?

Jalepeno Popper Ranch Dip

Y’all I’ve been on a meal service kick lately, y’all might have noticed if you follow along on Instagram. But finding a meal service that fits your families needs can be HARD! I didn’t realize how many meal services just weren’t for us, until I found one that we loved! And that’s Sun Basket!

Happy Monday friends!! So Monday’s are the worst, right? Well I have a HUGE giveaway for you guys! I paired up with the amazing Elaine Turner for a luxurious $500 gift card giveaway for Mother’s day! Every mama needs a glamorous pair of heels, a well made bag & a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks.


Y’all have been commenting, emailing & sending tons of DMs about this fabulous faux wrap dress I posted last week after a brunch I had last week. And the compliments kept rolling in when I wore it to brunch & church too! The dress is one of those magical dresses that takes no effort at all but you look AMAZING. And it’s from PinkBlush!

Happy Monday friends! Let’s talk about joy for a moment & how we can add a bit more of it into our life. First off, thank you to walk in love for this tshirt that pretty much sums up how I’m trying so hard to live. By choosing joy!

I have these two floor lamps that we love! But they don’t quite match, had whatever shade thrown on them and well made the bedroom feel a bit drab. I saved one lamp from a dumpster & the other I found thrifting…they are both somehow Pottery Barn! So while I didn’t pay much for the two of them, they are quality items that now look amazing with a bit of help from minted.