I love that cactus print & items are getting so much love lately! As I was browsing Amazon for something cactus to add to the home for spring/summer, I came across SO many cool cactus home decor items that I just had to share with y’all!!

Cactus home decor


I’m full steam ahead with my master bedroom makeover & while I have a million tabs open on my computer I thought I’d share my findings with y’all…since I don’t need 12 headboards & wanted to share how many amazing things I found on Amazon. And nope, not sponsored in anyway..if you click on the links & buy something I might get a bit of commission but that’s it. So let’s talk about the makings of a cozy & chic bedroom!

I have these two floor lamps that we love! But they don’t quite match, had whatever shade thrown on them and well made the bedroom feel a bit drab. I saved one lamp from a dumpster & the other I found thrifting…they are both somehow Pottery Barn! So while I didn’t pay much for the two of them, they are quality items that now look amazing with a bit of help from minted.

My master bedroom is in major need of help! And after so many direct messages, comments & emails during my house went repairs this summer, I decided I’ll be blasting my bedroom makeover on the blog. Even if the before is a total embarrassment of a bedroom, you’ll have to be on the look out for a full before with outlines of what I’m planning next week. But first things first, the thing nobody will notice but will make all the difference. A new mattress from Lucid Mattress to help this mama sleep more sound.