16, 10, 2016

Dark Floral Dress + Booties

Fall 2016 Boutique Fashion

Is it fall yet? Wait you have fall? You must not be around the Houston area. Well even with temperatures not feeling like fall all the time, I can still blend some fall fashion into my daily wear! Like dark floral dresses!

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09, 10, 2016

DIY: Silver Leaf Pumpkin with Aluminum Foil

We’ve all seen the faux pumpkins that plug in. They’re cute, low maintenance & won’t rot leaving a gooey mess for you to clean. Well while thrifting I found a handful of these pumpkins for uber cheap. This guy was under $2, so I had to buy him. But he needed a bit of a clean up & make-over.

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27, 07, 2016

DIY: Peace, Love & Pom Poms

I originally was going to grab a straw bag for the DIY from a thrift store but I had the perfect bag already! And I actually had been using it pretty regularly. This summer I’ve been carrying around a huge bag around because well…I’m a mom going through a huge amount of house construction (paint colors, paper work, bank stuff, insurance papers) & I like carrying around 15 red lipsticks. So….big bags it is!

Well this bag was a free with purchase thang! You can do this to any straw or very structured bag.


All it takes is a sturdy bag, some pom poms (feel free to raid your kids arts & crafts area) & my favorite E600 glue…or whatever glue you have the emoji heart eyes for.


I just put a bowl on my bag (to keep an even circle) & then just started gluing those cute little pom poms down . This one was so quick & easy, that my 7 year old helped & had fun with the color pattern!



Hope y’all like this super easy and fun way to update a bag you might love but needs a little life brought into it.


26, 07, 2016

DIY: Wrapped & Pom Pom Sandals

I know. Another pair of sandals? Well, I’m sort of obsessed & it’s just too fun! This pair is just a bit different from the first pair I showed y’all, which you can find here if you missed them. The wrapped straps steal the show…yes steal the show from the POM POMS!! Just take a look…


I found these H&M sandals while thrifting at River Oaks Goodwill in Houston for just $2.99. They’re just cheapo sandals, but that’s PERFECT. I don’t want to find gorgeous shoes and potentially ruin them because I’m honestly just winging anything I DIY.


I started with my sandals, rainbow yarn, pom poms & my handy dandy E6000 glue.

Next I covered a strap with glue and started wrapping my sandal with the rainbow yarn. OMG. It created such a cool look! Honestly I was tempted to throw the pom poms to the side & do all the straps like that. But I stuck the my vision, it afterall is pom pom & tassel week here on the blog. Not rainbow yarn week…


Well after a few straps covered in yarn I went crazy adding pom poms! These were super easy & quick. And perfectly on trend!!



If you decide to make your own, let me know!! Thrifted or not, I’d love to see your creation!!


25, 07, 2016

DIY: Pom Pom Wrap Up Sandals

This trend is killing the ladies! Rainbow pom poms, tassels, sandals & just pure fun! These pom pom & tassel sandals cost a pretty penny. Anywhere from $50-$200+, for a trend piece that probably won’t be reused next year (unlike those perfect brown sandals you probably have).


I found myself a pair of flip flops for a very affordable $2 while thrifting at the Family Thrift Outlet & thought BINGO!

So I gathered my materials & got to work. You’ll need a pair of sandals or flip flops that you aren’t afraid to ruin. Thrifted, is what I’d recommend, but you do you. You’ll need your favorite heavy duty craft glue (mine is E6000), pre-made pom poms, tassels & suede cording.


The first thing I did was measure the cording to see how long it needed it to be. I wanted it to wrap a bit above my ankle so I put the flip flop on & just messed with it until it looked right. Then take the cording you cut to the right length and just tie it in a knot around the piece that goes between your toes…is that the “thong”?


Try them on and tie them up like you’d like. Ok, now you need to mark that point and tie it off so you don’t go past that point when gluing on your accessories, if you do….it’ll be a nightmare to tie up. So give yourself a bit of a gap from the part to be tied up. And then you just start to go to glue town. A pom pom here and pom pom here. Sung Old McDonald style, of course. And after lots of glue, you’ll be done!



So flaunt those awesome shoes & be proud that you DIYed yourself a super fab pair of on trend sandals!


16, 05, 2016

DIY: The Painted Thrift Store Purses!

I always seem to pick up too many simple, plain purses. And I had a thought…I see painted purses from couture brands all the time…why not give it a try? Both of these bags were purchased from The Family Thrift Outlet for under $2 a piece, so my investment wasn’t much if I totally messed them up. With some acrylic paint, paint brushes & some black sharpies. I was able to make these fun bags in a snap!! I’m hoping next go around they’ll be even more fun & interesting!! What do y’all think?

From plain pebbled black…


to a colorful masterpiece!!


From prim & proper


to just a bit cheeky & chic!




Turn a boring thrifted purse into a DIY bright one of kind style masterpiece!!

Turn a boring thrifted purse into a DIY bright one of kind style masterpiece!!

Turn a boring thrift store purse into a DIY bright one of kind style masterpiece!!




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