Hey friends! Are y’all as excited for summer as me? This is the first summer I haven’t had a day job in quite awhile, so we are trying to pack in a lot to our days.

Today is June 6th, which also happens to be the day I was born. After becoming a mother I’ve started to reflect on what this day must mean for my mom. I’m her first born, so it must have been filled with so much joy with equal parts fear. But I don’t really celebrate my birthday in any special way…

Y’all probably know I’m obsessed with twist & tie trend. I love how flattering the twist & ties on tops, shorts & dresses is! It’s a great way to hide those food babies or the “I don’t like the exercise” belly..that would be me 😉

Happy Friday friends! For me, weekends are usually planned out with long lists of all I want to get done or just completely lounging around with no plan at all. Usually there is no in between for me. I’m very much an all or nothing sort of person. So let me tell you what I have planned for this weekend!

Happy Monday friends! We had a wonderful weekend away in Fredricksburg, TX but I’ll be posting about that later this week. Right now I want to share one of my favorite dresses, y’all loved the pink faux wrap dress so much I had to share this blue faux wrap dress I also got from PinkBlush!