By now, y’all get that I love gingham for summer I’m sure. So I had to rock another gingham top for this last week of July. And can you even believe that July is almost gone, back to school is soon to be flooding everything!! And then…pumpkin spice all the things time!

I’m such a sucker for Kate Spade, seriously so much of it is my style that I could go broke if I didn’t look away. But wait…which Kate Spade item did I thrift in this outfit? And which did I borrow? Well, let me tell you!

Guys, we are so close to the weekend! Anyone else excited? One thing I’ve been surprised that I’ve enjoyed this summer is neutrals, pink is a neutral right? πŸ˜‰ I’ve rounded up some of my favorite neutrals & some I’ve just been drooling over. So keep on scrolling for my complete list of must have summer neutrals.

Keeping our skin safe from the sun is very important to me. I’ve always been hyper aware of the sun & its effects because just a hour in the sun can leave my skin in pain. But thankfully that means my children’s skin is always cared for.

Lately I’ve been unintentionally buying clothing for me & Emily that match. The times we match are never intentional, I think that I just get into my crazes for a certain pattern & purchase it for everyone in the family then we end up matching. That use to happen with me & Micah all the time, we’d always match without me even thinking about it.