Our trips this year have taken us places we’ve never been & next up is Sea World San Antonio. I hadn’t ever visited Sea World & after a dinner I was invited to I was intrigued to visit.

If y’all remember, we are still going strong for our goal of 12 trips for the year of 2017. We’ve been slacking on posting them on here because I’ve been lax on recording our travels. So you’ll have to excuse if some trips aren’t as detailed as others. When we went to Spicewood, TX we stayed in the cutest tiny home found on Glamping Hub (you can see that post here). But here are a few things I didn’t mention….

We kicked off our 12 trips in 12 months goal for 2017 by taking a weekend trip to San Antonio, TX! I’m hoping to document all our trips in a manner that is both helpful & fun for y’all. Let me know what y’all like, dislike & if there’s any questions! Let’s get started in San Antonio, TX friends!!