85C Bakery Cafe Opens In Houston!

Posted: July 7, 2017

85C Bakery Cafe has been highly anticipated & had finally opened it’s doors to Houston today. I’ve heard it referred to the Starbucks of Taiwan. And let me tell you, Starbucks has nothing on this fresh arrival to Houston. It was the 1000th global location for this bakery. I wasn’t sure what to expect..so here we go.

85C Bakery Cafe Houston

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor on Amazon

Posted: June 30, 2017

So I binge on HGTV quite often & man Joann Gaines can make a farmhouse kitchen look like the best style choice in the world..but that’s just not the style of my home. So I sit on Amazon, comb through products & like to pretend I’m designing a dream farmhouse kitchen for someone. Yeah…I have some odd hobbies guys. But if you’re in the market for some lovely farmhouse kitchen decor…look no further than the one & only Amazon! Guys, they just have everything & that’s why I could probably build a guest house with all the Amazon Prime boxes sitting on my back porch waiting to be recycled. Onto the goods…

Let’s Go To: Spicewood, TX

Posted: June 29, 2017

If y’all remember, we are still going strong for our goal of 12 trips for the year of 2017. We’ve been slacking on posting them on here because I’ve been lax on recording our travels. So you’ll have to excuse if some trips aren’t as detailed as others. When we went to Spicewood, TX we stayed in the cutest tiny home found on Glamping Hub (you can see that post here). But here are a few things I didn’t mention….

Mommy+Mini Summer Style

Posted: June 28, 2017

Lately I’ve been unintentionally buying clothing for me & Emily that match. The times we match are never intentional, I think that I just get into my crazes for a certain pattern & purchase it for everyone in the family then we end up matching. That use to happen with me & Micah all the time, we’d always match without me even thinking about it.

5 Natural Healthcare Products That ROCK!

Posted: June 21, 2017

I’m always on the search for natural products that I use for everyday use, as much as I loved to give up all my beauty & healthcare products for cleaner ones…well I know I won’t. So I have been making an effort to trade out items we use the most for cleaner products, you know like toothpaste, deodorant, stuff that I use so often that it would make a bigger impact than the blush I wear once a week. So on my search for products that don’t suck, because let’s face it….a lot of natural products just don’t cut it. I’m looking at you natural deodorant….. Well here are my top 5 products that are well loved in my house & just down right ROCK!