I’m wearing this eShakti dress on repeat, if I won’t be seeing the same people I’ll wear this dress back to back (to back). As soon as I tried it on, I wore it to an event the same night! And every event I could since then. This eShakti dress was custom made just for me!


Have you ever found a piece of clothing while shopping & thought “If only it was sleeveless/shorter/longer….”, well this is your lucky day. I was amazed at the prices of the dresses & customization from eShakti!

One thing I’m always looking for in dresses is a little extra length, chasing two kids around usually means I’m trying my best to also keep my dress down. And all the dresses I looked at options for included choosing your length for your dress! HALLELUJAH! No more too short dresses for this mama!

Ok so here’s the run down of how it works!

  1. Pick one of their amazing designs!
  2. Let them know your measurements (or just size & height, that’s what I opted for)
  3. Customize your design – or keep as is. Choose your hemline, neckline, pockets, sleeves!
  4. Order & Enjoy!!

I love the sweet embroidery that adorns this dress. And the sheer sleeves make it a breeze to wear in our non-existent fall weather here in Houston. I paired them with my a favorite pair of my nude & silver toe pumps.

img_4440    img_4258  img_4261   img_4306     img_4243 img_4346

Thank you so much for to eShakti for providing this amazing dress. All thoughts, opinions & love are my own.

Dress: eShakti Floral Embellished Dress
Shoes: J.Crew (similar)