February is here & you know what that means right? Valentine’s day!! Well fear not, almost any woman you are shopping for can be covered in my simple Valentine’s Gift Guide! These are all items I have & absolutely LOVE.

This necklace from THEmodernBAZAAR nearly brought me to tears. It has the dates that are dearest to my heart hand stamped on petite bars; the date I married my husband and the days I had my babies. Those days all flipped my world upside down & are the days I thank God for everyday. This is a sweet reminder of the most precious things in my life; my family. I highly recommend this for any sentimental mama, THEmodernBAZAAR has so many beautiful pieces that can be customized.

Bright Endeavors Candles!!! I’ve been so obsessed with these candles lately, they smell heavenly. The first time I had the Vanilla Honey burning, my hubby thought I was baking…uh no..not on a weekday hun! Anyways, these candles smell amazing but also do amazing things with their job program & training for young moms.  Check them out & buy a candle…or 20…. 😉

So if you follow me on Instagram & keep up with my stories, you know I love fresh flowers. But did you know I can totally get behind a faux flower? Just look at these roses from EcoFlower! Would you ever think they are WOOD flowers? And they scent them! I have mine sitting on my master bath counter & just love them!

The print from the first image (which I have hanging on my fridge) is from Feather & Ivy.