With the days getting longer it seems like they get a bit crazier, probably because the sun doesn’t go down as quick signaling the kids to chill out & get ready for bed. But I’m grasping at every sliver of fun I get with these kiddos of mine. During homework time we love to take it outside with our Goldfish snacks & enjoy some rare quiet moments together.


To get the most of our time we tend to multi-task a lot. Micah will have his snack while working on his homework & I will tend to the garden while answering homework questions he may have. Having a snack with whole grains & that are baked, not fried like Goldfish hold Micah over until dinner time.

How are you enjoying the extra bits of sun light we are getting in these Spring & Summer months? Goldfish has some adorable ideas on their Pinterest page, y’all should check them out.