Happy Monday friends! Let’s talk about joy for a moment & how we can add a bit more of it into our life. First off, thank you to walk in love for this tshirt that pretty much sums up how I’m trying so hard to live. By choosing joy!


For me choosing joy doesn’t mean I can’t feel a whole array of emotions that I don’t really care for, it just means I won’t dwell in them. I won’t sit and feel sorry for myself, I choose to see that I can move on & find a silver lining.

Hurdles come our way and it’s so easy to choose anger or disappointment, while those feelings are valid we need to learn how to dust ourselves off & choose joy. Maybe we didn’t get chosen for an opportunity or job because it truly wasn’t the right fit & something better is on the way. Every time I get an email from a company I’d love to work with that has the dreaded “Thanks but…”, I tell myself better things are coming. When some guy in traffic decides to take his anger & frustration out on me, I pump my music, keep my eyes averted & avoid letting that guy steal my joy. For me, it’s learning that most things aren’t personal when people try to steal your joy & if you take it personal that’s when your joy withers away.

I know this post is a bit vague but choosing joy is not something that I can teach, it’s a slow process with no magic one size fits all formula. But hey at the bottom I put a free printable Choose Joy download for y’all 😉

Top: walk in love
Pants: Target
Wedges: Target
Purse: Coach

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