Last fall I thrifted this dress…well it WAS a dress. With giant shoulder pads & a highly unflattering sleeves…but the FABRIC. Oh man, the blue & white just sung to me. So, for a measly $1.50 I bought the dress and stored it away in my closet because I didn’t want to pull out my sewing machine.


Well I still didn’t want to pull out my sewing machine but wanted to wear this pattern. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut right above the elastic that cinched right into my muffin top…seriously this dress had very little going for it shape wise. I cut the top part off, whipped on the skirt and just folded the tiny excess of fabric along with a top into the skirt. It took me a total of 2 minutes to make an awful dress into a spring worthy skirt! HOORAY! And I still didn’t have to take out my sewing machine…it’s still collecting dust in my laundry room 😉

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