If y’all remember, we are still going strong for our goal of 12 trips for the year of 2017. We’ve been slacking on posting them on here because I’ve been lax on recording our travels. So you’ll have to excuse if some trips aren’t as detailed as others. When we went to Spicewood, TX we stayed in the cutest tiny home found on Glamping Hub (you can see that post here). But here are a few things I didn’t mention….

We went for an easy hike around Milton Reimers Ranch Park, it was our first time using our new BOB jogger & it was AMAZING. It handled the terrain awesomely & Emily absolutely loves her new stroller.

After a fun day of hiking & exploring we searched around for somewhere low key to eat. A few of our choices were insanely busy & we found Jersey Giant Pizza after some yelp searching. And OH MAN we were some happy, hungry people! Our family of four was able to finish a giant pizza with smiles on our faces. I mean just look at Emily’s face!

And like I said in my post featuring Glamping Hub, we mostly relaxed & cooked our own foods. For this trip we took our groceries, so we didn’t end up eating out much. As we headed home, we had a chance to stop by Living Desert Ranch which had the most beautiful glass art & biggest selection of cacti that we had ever seen! We took one home & have managed to keep it alive! We all regret not getting a few more cacti & plan to give it another visit next time we are in the area.

Here’s a video we created while on this trip, that I just love!