Y’all probably already guessed that I’m kinda obsessed with Amazon Prime, nope this isn’t sponsored. I just legit use Amazon for pretty much everything, so I had to search it up & down for one of the trends I am just beyond loving…MILLENNIAL PINK! Oh for the love of pink, I found some amazing things on Amazon & just had to share with y’all! If you catch any good finds, let me know 😉

millennial pink home decor

Pillows, bed linens, throw blankets & towels are a great way to add a trend to your home without a heavy commitment

If you have the love of pink deep down in your heart, let’s go for something like a piece of furniture that will really make you smile

Adding a bit of millennial pink into your kitchen will have you happy to spend more time in it!

And lastly, you can add a bit of millennial pink in unexpected places like clocks, candles & pots for your succulents & house plants.