Our trips this year have taken us places we’ve never been & next up is Sea World San Antonio. I hadn’t ever visited Sea World & after a dinner I was invited to I was intrigued to visit.

The main attraction is the animals & sea life that they care after. Though we made sure to catch a show, feed the sea lions & visit all the animals…we really came to ride the new Wave Breaker Roller Coaster at Sea World San Antonio. Micah is NOT one for roller coaster or thrill rides. To be honest, neither am I. But we both were excited to try this new thrill ride that launches you over the lake 60 feet up and then takes you along 2,600 feet of thrilling tracks. Micah was brave until the ride started…then he told me several times he’d like to get off…you know WHILE the ride was already taking place. But afterwards he was proud that he rode it & let me know that he did indeed have fun on it. GOOD! Because so did I! (You can see the HILARIOUS picture of us on the coaster here)

Alright here are some of my tips for visiting Sea World San Antonio & Aquatica.

  • Get there as soon as it opens.
  • Opt for roller coasters & water slides first. Lines are short & you can pack in tons quickly. Then go for things like visiting animals, wave pools & things without lines once lines get long.
  • Go for the souvenir drink that gets you free refills all day, after a few drinks bought I wished we had gotten these.
  • Wear hats, sunglasses if possible. You’ll be in the sun & need the protection.