Going back to school means protecting those immune systems! It seems like every year I hear about everyone’s kids getting sick around back to school time, it’s because they are thrown in a building of germy germs! But we take precautions against getting sick, one thing we do is help build a healthy immune systems with morning smoothies that are filled with anti-oxidants & protein.

Here is my go to smoothie that my kids are sure to slurp up before we hit the drop off at school! Emily fought me to drink the Biotta Tart Cherry Juice from the bottle, she LOVES cherry juice so this smoothie is one of her favorites. I like adding Greek yogurt to also get a punch of protein into their mornings & combined with the amazing antioxidants of Biotta Tart Cherry Juice, HOMERUN smoothie!

Oh and there are tons of Biotta Juices that are all high-quality juices certified as organic, vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, high in potassium and low in sugar, and have proven health benefits.


1 c. Biotta Tart Cherry Juice (sometimes I substitute for other juices; I love the apple beet ginger!)
1/2 frozen banana (whenever I buy them I peel them, slice into quarters & put them in baggies to freeze. Add a handful of ice if banana isn’t frozen)
1/2 c vanilla Greek yogurt

Combine the BIOTTA juice, banana & yogurt  in blender. Mix until smooth & enjoy!