Summer sticky summer, oh how I am tired of these dog days of summer. Where shooting at 9am for a blog post leaves me in a pool of sweat, sticky thighs and needing a dry bra. Did I go to far? It’s ok, it’s my blog so I can do that if I care to. But really, I’m all about light layers right now to get me through this last stretch of sticky summer in Houston.

If you’ve never experienced a Houston summer, don’t worry I can help you imagine what it’s like. Ok, turn the A/C off in your house, simmer for a few hours with windows/doors closed & now let a hot dog come lick your entire body. That’s what walking outside feels like at the moment. But don’t worry, when winter comes & I’m still wearing light layers I’ll be much less grumpy. But until this last stretch of insane heat goes away I’ll be keeping cool in breezy outfits like this one.

TOP: ShopPinkBlush
SHORTS: Tommy Hilfiger (similar here & here)
PURSE: Charming Charlie