Today I’m recapping our 12 trips in 12 months goal for 2017. I honestly don’t even know what number we are at yet, so I’m excited to put this post together to see just what has been done, what I might need to still upload to the blog & plan out the rest of our trips for the year! Let’s Go!

Trips Taken:

Trips Currently Being Planned:

We’ve taken to hiking & being outdoors this year, just something about it that speaks to my soul. We didn’t know where this goal would take us, we just knew we wanted to push ourselves to take trips even if it isn’t the absolute easiest with kids (especially our sassy as can be Emily). With proper planning & being absolutly flexible, these trips have been amazing!

We’ve had our share of 2 year old melt downs on our trip, but hey that happens when we’re at home too. So that doesn’t really bother me.