I bought a set of 4 beautiful Baker Furniture chairs in a plan of using them for my dining room but the arms didn’t quite fit under my table. And that I just can’t handle, chairs go under table. So they sat and sat and SAT. Looking all reddish wood & ugly fabric (the red is the original, the green/blue is what I tried and didn’t like). But I finally took them on…

thrift store chair diy

thrift store chair diy makeover

thrift store chair makeover

Just a little too much red undertones for my liking but they’re Baker & Baker isn’t cheap in the retail world. So I wondered if taking paint to them would be a crime against furniture. So I got some expert advice from my buddy Patrick Dunne from Lucullus, he told me go for it for a more modern look! That’s all I needed & a few months (maybe over a year?) to actually get them in the yard to sand them, paint them, sand them, paint them & then staple some new fabric to these babies. But….I think I need to go much darker grey or a navy velvet. I had gone straight out to grab some new fabric but quickly realized that everywhere that had fabric in my area seemed to have flooded during Harvey, so an update for another day.

For now, I’ll enjoy these chairs that have been given a fresh start.

Chairs – Baker Furniture; thrifted for $25/ea
Frames – IKEA
– Micah’s Art (kid’s art is just the best)
Table – A friend’s cast off 😉 (this one from Amazon is gorgeous though..)
Faux FlowersNeiman Marcus

thrift store chair diy makeover painted

thrift store furniture makeover diy