Oh man! My room just doesn’t feel like I’ll ever finish it & I’m desperate to just FINISH IT. So I’m taking part of the One Room Challenge. It’s a 6 week challenge where I will be pushing myself to just finish up my master bedroom already! So let’s start with some before pictures to give y’all an idea of what I’m working with.

THE ROOM: Master Bedroom


  • 4 doors, 2 windows & only one “blank” wall


  • Buy or make a headboard – that one’s up in the air right now
  • Give the larger IKEA dresser a coat of stain, paint & new pulls
  • Give the side tables a quick clean up & maybe new pulls also
  • Add in more texture to the bedding
  • Hide cords, our outlets are in unfortunate places
  • Add curtains
  • Paint white trim, when our bedroom was painted..the trim was not
  • Replace brass door knobs
  • Replace mirror with something larger, maybe art, prints or just a larger mirror
  • The lamps have already been updated but might get another update
  • I’ve also brought a rug into this room since these photos
  • Try to thrift, reuse, craigslist as much as possible