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Sometimes having a hectic schedule can make you feel worn down & like you just won’t get it all done. Well fear not friends, I have some tips that help me crush my busy schedule while still staying sane! Like why I keep Honest Tea® Honey Green Tea in my bag & why I have three calendars for planning.

Schedule & Plan

I can’t urge this enough. SCHEDULE everything that must be down, don’t just wing it. You’ll want to give yourself some wiggle room in your day but scheduling out your days/weeks/months will make things seem more attainable. I have 3 ways I like to keep my dates in order. First is a  huge monthly calendar with non negotiable deadlines, events, the kid’s after school events & anything that aren’t likely to change. The next is a weekly calendar with things broken down into smaller to-do lists to obtain the bigger goals. And the last is I also schedule events, meetings, phone calls in my phone’s calendar since I’ll probably be on the go & need an address, number or name. It seems like over kill but breaking things down really helps me not to get overwhelmed.

Keep Fueled

This may sound like a silly thing to go with crushing your day but if you’re dehydrated it will drain you QUICK! I always notice a huge difference when I forget to bring a drink, I’ve been carrying around Honest Tea® Honey Green Tea. It’s just a tad sweet & so perfect for grabbing on the go! And the perfect pairing for me right now has been Lorissa’s Kitchen Korean Barbeque Beef, I love that it’s packed with protein but doesn’t require prep cause well sometimes I forget to put that on my schedule 😉 And wait for this…Lorissa’s Kitchen is high in protein, low in carbs, low in fat, has no MSG, no preservatives and is gluten free! Um does that check all the boxes for an excellent snack on the go? I think SO! I found both of these in the check out while at Walmart.

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Hire Out

This can be a touchy subject but hiring out for household jobs is perfectly fine! I have a housekeeper that comes bi-weekly & a yard service that also comes weekly/bi-weekly (depending on the season). I felt SO shameful at first when I hired someone to help clean my home for me, I grew up thinking that Saturday was the day to clean house…well I  didn’t want to spend my Saturday’s cleaning, so I took that off my to-do list. I am employing hard working people, getting a task done in a quicker amount of time than I’m able to & freeing up HOURS of my week.

Turn Off Distractions

Turn off your notifications, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, turn off the music, don’t use the TV as background music. If you truly need to focus on something like writing a paper, answering emails, writing your to-do list turn off all those distractions. Your brain is trying to do to many things at once, just turn it off & have some peace if possible. I even had to turn off my music writing this post because it kept distracting me from what I was suppose to be doing.

Wake Up Earlier

This is something nobody wants to hear, heck I know how AMAZING it is to wake up a hour or two before the kids & quickly get things checked off my list but I fail to do it if I get out of my routine. Whenever I wake up a hour or two before I need to I am able to get so much done, they are probably my most productive hours of the day. Just try it for a week, if it doesn’t work for you..go back to your normal sleep routine.

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