Have you ever heard of letting people steal your joy? It’s something we are all guilty of & if we become more aware of what we are doing…maybe, just maybe we can all be a bit happier.

There’s so many ways we enable others to steal our joy & honestly that stole your joy will never have an idea that happened or would never be their motives. But it’s so easily to loose our joy on a daily basis, that guy who cut you off in traffic might have not even noticed so while you are stewing he’s just jamming out to his 80s rock. When your favorite restaurant isn’t able to make your favorite meal & you are left with something sub par so you huff and puff about it the whole night….you let that meal steal your joy?

Scrolling through social media & you see that one woman…you know the one who has it all together. She cooks every meal with organic ingredients & her kids LOVE all the veggies. Or maybe it’s that on girl who happily tells you about her diet of hamburgers & cookies but hates exercise, but you have more fat on one butt cheek than she does all over. Or that jet setting family who trot all over the globe with well behaved children in tow.

But people, we need to keep reminding ourselves… THIS IS THE HIGHLIGHT REEL! 

We scroll past a post & the devil gets in our head “Well maybe if you were like her…” or “You’ll never have that”. We start to doubt ourselves, telling ourselves why do I even try. I’ll never be XYZ. That’s the devil getting in your head & you’ve got to SHUT HIM DOWN. I try to monitor the accounts I follow on social media & if I notice that I just can’t help but get down on myself when I see the same account post, I just unfollow them. It’s nothing personal, it’s just for my own well being. But what if you have family that you can’t defriend on Facebook with out lash back? There’s a setting when you click the those three top dots in the right corner of a post & it will say “UNFOLLOW THAT WOMAN“. You stay friends but they don’t pop up in your feed anymore. I’ve done this many times & it honestly feels like a huge weight off my shoulders when I do it.

Being happy is a constant task of pushing the devil’s evil words straight out of your head. Shutting him down, telling him he’s wrong.

I wrote this post after talking about very similar points on Instagram Stories & having a tremendous response from y’all. So many of y’all told me that this is exactly what you needed for the day…and it broke my tender heart to know so many of y’all also have these demons in your head telling you that you just aren’t good enough in one way or another.

I want to tell you, if you are caring enough to wonder if you are good enough…YOU ARE. You are smart, beautiful, strong, clever, a great wife, a kick butt mom & just plain amazing! So kick those thieves of your joy to the side & let’s laugh together 😉 And I laugh so often that the devil actually put it in my head that it might be an annoying trait to others….C’MON NOW!


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