Friendsgiving with Honey Baked Ham

On November 17, 2017

Don’t Stress Over Homemade

Don’t stress over home making everything, I was all about making a home made meal but you know what…it STRESSED me out! With my crazy schedule, kids & holiday madness..why was I forcing stress on myself? Entered Honey Baked Store! When I walked in thinking that I would just grab my favorite Honey Baked Bone-in Half Ham…well I left with four bags of food & a stress free cooking session coming my way. Everything just popped into the oven! The Honey Baked Ham comes in lots of sizes, ready-to-serve, spiral-sliced and hand-glazed deliciousness.

Add Some Decor

You don’t have to go all out & buy new decor. Buying a dozen roses & some eucalyptus can make a huge difference. I also like grabbing succulents and candles from around the house to use on my tablescapes.

Skip Washing Dishes

Seriously, you don’t want to dishes, your guests don’t want to dishes, why add more to the to-do list? Go for the nicer paper plates & your guests won’t bat an eyelash.

Bring the ______

Everyone will ask what they can bring, don’t be shy. Ask them to bring something, even if it’s wine, extra napkins or ice!

Take It To Go

As much as we all lover a delicious Honey Baked Smoked Turkey sandwich or an omelet made with Honey Baked Ham with leftovers…well we can only take so many leftovers. Share the love by stocking up on baggies or plastic ware (stuff you don’t mind ever getting back).

Bonus Tip

So one thing I do every holiday to make sure I get the food or treat I’m looking forward to is to bring it myself! I don’t want to get somewhere & be disappointed that there isn’t any Pecan Pie so I either pick one up or buy one. This time I picked one up from Honey Baked Store & OH MAN! That pie didn’t disappoint at all!

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