If you’ve been following our travel adventures, you know we’ve been getting outdoors & enjoying our great state of Texas with our 12 trips in 12 months goal. I mean there is just an amazing amount to see and do in Texas, this time we headed to Brazos Bend State Park with Toyota & Texas Parks & Wildlife for their Texas Outdoor Family program.

First off I have got to give a big thumbs up to Toyota’s Sequoia for getting us there & just all around being an awesome vehicle for our weekend road trip. It was so nice to have a vehicle large enough to fit all our camping supplies plus extra into, we even packed in some extra things we didn’t necessarily know if we would need.. I mean after all we had the room for it with all of the Sequoia’s room, seriously it spoiled me with all the room it had!

The Texas Outdoor Family group is all about learning how to camp & getting the families to enjoy the wonderful state parks of Texas. During our time at Brazos Bend State Park they shared tips & taught everyone how to set up a tent, start fires, fish, start geocaching & learned all about the wildlife in Brazos Bend.

Geocaching is something we’ve wanted to try but never got a chance to, Ranger Rob made it so easy to get started & we are now addicted! Micah’s also been dying to do some fishing, which he & J.P. did while Emily & I walked the trails together. The trails were smooth sailing & not something I expected to see only one hour outside of Houston. The trees were covered in moss, the breeze had limbs swaying & it was just beyond beautiful.

We also had a chance to learn about the wildlife that resides in Brazos Bend, along with the infamous Alligators that inhabit the park (around 400 of them) there are snakes, birds aplenty, spiders (we had a run in with quite a few) & so much more!

Over night a cool front came in, which made us happy to get cuddly in our tent. But OMG I forgot sweaters?! I must have left them to the side of our bags, in my defense the weekend before we were in Colorado & the weekend after we had planned to go to Amarillo. So my head was spinning with bag packing & just didn’t think to look at the weather. The night went fine since we had plenty of blankets but once morning came we¬† turned the heat on in Toyota Sequoia & put on a movie for the kids while we finished packing up our site and loading up. THANK GOODNESS for the DVD system in the Sequoia, it really saved our butts!