So, real talk. When I shot these pictures it was cold, wet & was raining off/on but oh man I still had fun! I don’t wear t-shirts too often & most of the t-shirts I have in my closet are faith based tshirts from walk in love. This particular one I love wearing around my house of worriers & just pointing to it as they go off the deep end about something they have no business worrying about.


Walk in love is my hands down favorite spot for faith based tshirts! I even grabbed two jackets recently from them that I need to shoot in that y’all have went crazy for on my IG. They have faith based clothing for men too, which has been spotted on Chris Pratt! 

My favorite way to wear a t-shirt is to pair it with a fun skirt for a bit of an eclectic feel, even a metallic skirt that maybe could look a bit fancy like mine can be paired with sneakers for an easy breezy vibe.