Hey friends, y’all know I’m a thrift store loving girl & love the thrill of finding an amazing deal for an outfit that is sure to WOW! I partnered up with Nicole from State’s Place to share why I still shop eBay even with my deep love for thrift stores!

So when you go into a thrift store you HAVE to have an open mind, you can’t say “I want a vintage purple dress” & expect it to find it. It’s just how thrifting works, you find amazing clothing but never something you’re specifically looking for.

With eBay though…oh man you’ll find so many variations of exactly what you were dreaming up in your head & at killer prices! So ok…I know that shopping ebay can be super overwhelming, even if you can kill it in a thrift store. The thought of going through listings, finding a great price & then actually getting what you paid for. I’ve heard it all before, so I’m here to share my absolutely favorite tip to shopping ebay.

Saved Searches

I absolutely love shopping ebay for lots of clothing for my kiddos! Think of how many times you’ve bought new clothes for your kids & the outgrow them with a crazy growth spurt that has them shoot up a few inches…well lots of mamas put those clothes on ebay in large lots so you’ll get similar quality & the same size in one click of the button.

For these types of buys I like to watch auctions but it can be time consuming to always go in searching, that’s where the Saved Searches feature comes in. Whenever you search for something, let’s say “4T Dress Lot”, you can save the search directly under it with the Save button! I currently have saved searches for the next size up in clothing for the kids so I can easily fill their closet whenever I see new auctions go up.

This could also go for searches for yourself, save a search with your favorite high end brand in your size & you’ll be amazed what will pop up. If you’re patient it can be VERY rewarding!

Buy It Now

Ok, so you’re now looking for that very specific dress you are imagining in your head. And you want it now because you can’t stop thinking of how fabulous you’ll be in it…maybe a vintage dress in the color of the year? I mean that’s specific…like way to specific to walk into a thrift store & score. So what do you do? Run to ebay, search your little heart out & if there is a Buy It Now (BIN) button click it! I love buy it now for items that pop into my head & I don’t have the task of keeping my eye on an auction…because I’ll admit, I’ve lost a few auctions because I hadn’t been paying attention. But BIN means that I click, pay & bam it’s sent off to me!

Funky Spelling

Alright guys here’s a tip that I’ve used for a long time..misspellings. Y’all if someone misspells a listing it won’t see the action it’s suppose to, this is especially great on auctions where you can get things for dirt cheap! I’ll go into Typo Hound, enter the brand I’m interested in & then view the items from least to most expensive. Guys, this is soo fun and gives me the same thrift store thrill!

If you have some ebay tips or tricks you want to share with me, let me know in the comments!

BIG THANK YOU to Nicole @ State’s Place for this amazing, made for me vintage dress. It fit so perfectly that I’m sure she used magic on it! Check out Nicole at the links below:

Nicole on eBay | Nicole on Youtube | Nicole on Instagram