That voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough, you can’t do this, why are your goals so big? you’ll just fail anyways, just give up now & don’t waste your time. Oh we’ve all had those thoughts, maybe every once in awhile, maybe it’s on the daily. But we’ve all had that negative nancy voice in our head at one point & time.




Does this look like a picture of a person filled with self doubt & gets sick to her stomach when meeting new people? To most people, no..I’ve had people who just can’t imagine the amount of doubt I have in myself. Or that every time I meet new people I get sick to my stomach, see black spots, get lightheaded &  in many times have been in tears before events. But I constantly push through it all. It’s all the enemy in my head, trying to stop me from greatness.

Recently I’ve been trying to break out of the norm, not posting what I think I should post on social media & the internet but what I want to post and with intent. That’s not always everyone’s cup of tea & that’s ok because I’m not here to please everyone. For a hot minute, I was on the track of doing what everyone else is doing & then I slapped myself across the face and said NO WAY! I’ve been blogging for almost 20 years & trying to conform isn’t my style but when you don’t quite fit into any mainstream category you just fill as if there is nowhere for you to fit in at all. But that isn’t true at all, just like in life there is SOMEWHERE for you. You just have to find your tribe & that’s one thing I’ve worked towards doing lately.

Finding a tribe of people who support the true you is absolutely necessary, so when you feel like a big pile of garbage they can give you a nudge & tell you that you’re just a small pile of garbage. 😉 Just kidding, hopefully when you find your tribe they’ll tell you that you are a magnificent queen that deserves everything that comes your way & it’s not dumb luck, it’s because you work your ass off.

I strongly believe that the self-doubt I have about myself are the enemy trying to get me to quit before something great begins. Right now, I am in the middle of a few campaigns & while I’m waiting for edits or word on my content my chest is in complete knots. I was suppose to get word on two campaigns on Friday…guess what? I didn’t, do you even KNOW where my head went? They absolutely hated it ALL, they don’t know how to tell me my work just sucked & they don’t even want to bother with edits or revisions. Ugggghhhh agony, complete agony. And then Saturday morning I get an email saying one of the companies absolutely loved everything & has absolutely no revisions for me. I completely lost it, why did I torture myself with such negative thoughts? The other I’m still waiting on, but I’m trying to play it cool.

Those negative thoughts need to be pushed away, confide in your biggest cheerleader. The one who thinks you are the most amazing thing in the world (heeeyyy hubby!) & just let them tell you how awesome you are. Believe me, you’d do (and probably do) the same thing for them.

I just wanted to put it out there for anyone dealing with self doubt. You aren’t alone & feel free to send me a DM, email or messenger pigeon my way to chat.