Y’all should know by now (unless you’re new around here) that a HUGE majority of my closet is thrifted, the thrift life is for me. And I can name lots of reasons why it’s smart to thrift & I’ll probably do so another day. But for now let’s talk about the largest online thrift store! ThredUP, I know you have heard of them…right?

First, let me tell you that if you follow any of the ThredUP links in this blog post you will get $10 off your first purchase if you are new to the site! WOOHOO!!!

I have people constantly asking if there is somewhere online they can thrift & I am always screaming “THREDUP!!!!!!!!”. It’s so easy because you can plug in your favorite brands, your sizes & save them so that only those show up when you login. Guys it’s so easy & intuitive, it was made for stress free shopping. So here I am, sharing my top 3 tips for using ThredUP.

Check Often

Seriously, I have my settings on what brands I love (DVF, Alice & Olivia, Athleta, J.Crew) with my sizes (I give myself one number size up & down in my searches also) & if I’m on my phone I pop in and refresh. It takes a quick minute but checking often (just like in real thrift stores) is the key to finding AMAZING pieces!

Put A Heart On It

So you can save an item in your cart for 24 hours, I love that you can snag a piece & then think about it as to not to create a shopping frenzy. But what’s nice about that is that if you see something is in someone’s cart you can also heart it, so it’ll save that item in your favorites & if someone releases it from their cart…SNAG IT! I’ve snagged some great items this way too!

What Flaw?!

Sooo I’ve come to find that a lot of times they mention a flaw on a piece of clothing..I can’t find the dang flaw! So don’t be afraid to shop the “flawed” items, especially with the ability to return items it makes it very easy to shop with confidence!