5 Ways to Get Your Home Guest Ready

Thank you so much for The Company Store for sponsoring this post. All opinions & product selections are my own. Over the years I’ve figured…


Thank you so much for The Company Store for sponsoring this post. All opinions & product selections are my own.

Over the years I’ve figured a few things about how to get guest ready in a snap, even without a guest room it’s possible to have people stay the night. We have a 9 foot long sofa in our playroom that when you take the back cushions out is the width of a twin size bed, so that is usually where we will host guests (or just on our living room sofa). But here’s a few things to keep in mind for guests whether they are invading your house for an afternoon or a few days.

Something living

I always, always find that adding something living to each room. I have succulents, fiddle fig trees & cactus spread all over my house. And I’ll quickly grab a bunch of flowers from the grocery store for a special touch. Ok.. candles aren’t living but they live in the same category as plants for me, each room needs a candle along with a plant. They just add a homey feeling that sometimes can lack for guest areas.

All the decor, pots, table & baskets are thrifted | SHOP my candle here | Our sofa is discontinued sadly

The Best Pillows (& Cases)

Down pillows are a MUST for a sofa, skip the poly filled basic pillows if you want to get the most bang out of your buck. I’ve had my down pillows for over 5 years and they are holding up SO WELL. And my favorite part is that I can easily switch out the covers & when the kids smear peanut butter on them…they can easily be washed. A few pillow covers wash up much quicker than a few pillows. And they are also much more cozier for guests who are sleeping over.

Oh & if you do have a few sad poly pillows laying around, you can use them to fill sofa cushions that may have been flattened over the years if you have zip cushions.

Striped Pillow Cases | Velvet Pillow Cases (comes in 10 colors! Mine are bone white)

Keeping Blankets Handy

I always keep lots of throw blankets on hand in the living room because we love cozy nights on our sofa. But they also come in handy when you have someone crashing on your sofa but those throws can feel small very quickly. My solution? I make sure to grab twin size throws to keep on near the sofa, I love this one from The Company Store that comes in nearly any color to match any décor.

(it comes in 24 colors & 5 sizes! Mine is Pink Lemonade in twin size)

Keep Necessities In Plain View

As simple as it seems but if you are having over night guests, keep the restroom necessities out in plain view for your guests. I’m reminded of this whenever my Dad comes to stay, he ALWAYS asks where the towels are… in the cabinet, they are ALWAYS in the cabinet. So, I’ve learned people don’t want to rummage through anything so I always leave towels, a new loofah & any other necessities out and obvious for use.

I keep fluffy, white bath towels & bath sheets a plentiful on hand for guests. With just a scoop of oxi-clean they keep their bright white colors. We have these towels & they are the fluffiest towels ever (the hubby loves the giant bath sheets).

(available in 10 colors & are SO fluffy)

Give it a test drive

I always leave more towels than are needed out, I fill up my soaps, make sure the toilet paper roll is a new one & the tub is stocked with essentials. But here’s the thing…it’s easy to overlook something simple. So the best advice I have is to take the guest area for a test drive, whether it is a guest room, bath or sofa surfing. Use the facilities that your guests will be using to make sure everything makes sense & you aren’t forgetting something as simple as a plug for your guests to charge their phone at night.

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