50’s Style Appliances to Get the SMEG Look for Less!

SMEG home appliances are taking the world by storm right now, I can’t help but see someone sharing their newest 50’s inspired coffee maker or…


SMEG home appliances are taking the world by storm right now, I can’t help but see someone sharing their newest 50’s inspired coffee maker or kitchen appliance when scrolling through my Instagram. But that price tag is INSANE for a pretty appliance, I mean…can that $200 toaster do a better job than my run of the mill $20 toaster? After lots of research on if SMEG appliances are worth the price tag?

I’ve concluded that the appliances are no better than anything else on the market it’s just the retro-modern look of the kitchen appliances that are so appealing. I do stash my boring black toaster under my cabinet when not in use, half because I don’t have an obscene amount of counter space & half because it just isn’t pretty to look at. I confess, if I had counter space I would splurge on more aesthetically pleasing kitchen appliances because anything out I want to be able to enjoy visually. I will be upgrading my water kettle for my morning pour-over coffee to one of these more stylish options soon since that is one small kitchen appliance that is always sitting out. I’ve compiled a list of well-rated alternatives (some with better reviews than SMEG appliances!) to get those clean lines & fun colors into your kitchen fast!

Let’s start with alternatives for the SMEG toaster, retro-style toasters can be quite charmers sitting out on your kitchen counter! I’ve collected this colorful toaster list to scratch the itch for anyone looking for a SMEG toaster dupe! 

SMEG 2 Slice Toaster in 9 Colors


First off, let’s go ahead & visit the original SMEG 2 slice toaster that comes in a variety of colors (currently 9) & depending on the color you pick can float around the $170ish price range at the time for the vintage style toaster. 









Next up I searched & searched for a vintage style kettle that would rival the SMEG electric kettle that comes in over 9 colors that you can happily leave on your counter for a beautiful vintage flair that will make you nostalgic for simpler times. If you need your nightly tea or love a cup of pour-over coffee, you know it’s necessary to have an electric kettle on the counter & a beautiful vintage-inspired kettle will give you that vintage style with modern-day heating abilities. 



A truly good looking coffee maker isn’t easy to find on a budget, they’re usually bulky with needing to hold 8 cups of water, a basket of coffee grounds & then a pot to brew it into. I found just a handful of coffee machines that won’t break the bank & give you that much-needed jumpstart in the morning! I even included a good looking single brew coffee machine to add a clean pop of retro color to your kitchen counter. 


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