It’s Pam Del is a Houston lifestyle blog written by wife & mother of 2, Pam Del. Pam Del resides in the suburbs of Houston, TX with her two children & husband.  Pam Del has been blogging for over a decade as a way to express her creative passions, current obsessions & connect with like minded people. She loves sharing her quirky thrift store fashion finds, easy food recipes, style on a budget & travel with her family. Pam Del enjoys thrifting, strong coffee, cooking, hiking, making to-do lists & trying out new restaurants. Her love of life is shared through out her blog & she hopes to inspire you to live a life you love. My about me page is honestly the hardest thing for me to write, so I’m still working on this.

It's Pam Del Houston Lifestyle Blogger
I love anything having to do with food! From gardening, cooking or enjoying a new menu item. And although I love eating out, I limit it to once a week usually. Most of my meals (and my families) are made at home, we very much believe in eating a balanced diet. So although you might see mainly the foods that will make your jeans feel a bit tighter on my Instagram, most nights we are eating chicken breast with lots of fresh veggies for dinner.

The fashion part of me is all over the place, I like to dress with my moods usually. I have yet to find my exact fashion style, it is constantly changing & evolving. I just like to have fun with my looks and take chances, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it is just plain bad.

My kiddos are Micah (8) & Emily (2). Micah is a creative, tender hearted & focused.  Emily…well she’s a strong willed child with the sweetest smile & scares me a little bit.

It's Pam Del Houston Travel Blogger

My husband is JP. He’s one of the most hard working people I’ve ever know, he’s got a kind heart & is my biggest cheerleader. We met in High School & in our last month’s of Senior year finally caved in and started dating. We married a year & half later because when you know 😉 Now we’ve been married 13+ years, have two kids, live in the burbs & spend as much time as possible together.

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