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This post is sponsored by All opinions are 100% mine. So new year, new you right? BabbleBoxx must have heard me because they sent over…


This post is sponsored by All opinions are 100% mine.

So new year, new you right? BabbleBoxx must have heard me because they sent over a box of items for a Lean, Clean, Green 2018! BabbleBoxx is a sampling box for bloggers to discover new products & brands! So let’s dive into how I’m pulling these items into my New Year’s resolutions or maybe how they just fit right in with my existing lifestyle. And honestly I was hoping that some of the products were more of duds so I could tell you but they sadly got me down to a T with this box!

Waterpik: PowerPulse Massage Shower Head + YAT 963 Chrome PowerSpray + Hand Held Shower Head

I am SUCH a shower head snob & we have been through SOO many because well I have my preferences. When I first saw this Waterpik showerhead I was a bit skeptical cause…well I had a shower head I liked but one thing that triggered my interest was the hand held feature. I love this feature for washing a hair mask out of my hair before bed or washing the Emily’s hair at bath time! The PowerPulse massage shower head is the perfect amount of pressure for me!

CW Hemp: Hemp infused oil, cream and balm

The CW Hemp balm was especially nice to keep my skin from drying out in this cold weather we’ve been having lately that tends to have my skin in a frenzy. The CW Hemp balm & cream has help maintain the wellness of my skin during these dry winter month. Ok & since I know so many of y’all want to give your skin some love they gave me a code for 10% off your order, just use code BABBOXAU6GQQXILFJJ

Casio: G-Shock S Series Step Tracker (GMAS130)

I mean how could I even talk about New Year’s resolutions without finding a watch to track my steps & keep my accountable for how much activity I log in everyday! Here enters the G-Shock S Series in a fun pop of color, I love being able to count my movement for the day & seeing just how much I need to meet my goals each day but for me I feel like the watch is a bit bulky for my tiny wrists…I wish the rest of me took the lead of my wrists :p

The Synergy Company: Organic Matcha Power

Y’all I love a hot cup of matcha tea so when I saw The Synergy Company sent over their Organic Matcha powder I was excited! I love the taste of match with a squirt of honey & it’s a total win that matcha supports energy and focus! The Synergy Company also sent matcha power capsules, so for those days I know I won’t be able to enjoy a cup of matcha I can still get the benefits from this superfood!

Primal Life Organics: All Natural Peppermint Toothpowder & Charcoal Ion Toohbrush

Ok let me cover my face buuuutt I was SOOOO excited for this toothpowder & charcoal toothbrush that it’s not even funny!! I’ve talked about trying to move onto all-natural dental care & skin care before on here so it’s no surprise that these all-natural products would have me giddy to try. The Charcoal Infused toothbrush is suppose to bind & remove stains, I just had a chance to switch over to it & have already noticed a slight difference with using the new toothbrush & toothpowder. The peppermint toothpowder is an interesting new way to brush, we are all use to globbing on toothpaste but this is a powder so it felt like a bit of relearning to brush my teeth. It left my mouth feeling clean & fresh just like the old way though! OHHHH & if you’d like to try Primal Life Organics, they gave me the code PLOBOXX217 for 20% off your purchase!

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