Oh man! My room just doesn’t feel like I’ll ever finish it & I’m desperate to just FINISH IT. So I’m taking part of the One Room Challenge. It’s a 6 week challenge where I will be pushing myself to just finish up my master bedroom already! So let’s start with some before pictures to give y’all an idea of what I’m working with.

Y’all I love IKEA, with a pinch of imagination they have some pieces that can really be transformed. And then they just have some great pieces in general, our sofa from IKEA (the Karlstad sectional, which is discontinued now) is holding STRONG  & still looks really awesome!  So when I needed a bit extra storage in my kitchen I picked up the Ikea FÖRHÖJA Kitchen Cart& then got to scratching my head on how to get it to blend into my kitchen a bit more.

So, I gotta tell ya…I love holistic methods & aim to keep a healthy and balanced life. So along with eating well (with a couple of donuts on the side), exercising (I like to do things like hiking to get active), getting acupuncture when needed, I also use essential oils in my household & life. I’m not a crazy oil lady who will tell you that essential oils will cure whatever ails you, because that’s silly. A balanced lifestyle is what we should aim for to keep healthy.

So I binge on HGTV quite often & man Joann Gaines can make a farmhouse kitchen look like the best style choice in the world..but that’s just not the style of my home. So I sit on Amazon, comb through products & like to pretend I’m designing a dream farmhouse kitchen for someone. Yeah…I have some odd hobbies guys. But if you’re in the market for some lovely farmhouse kitchen decor…look no further than the one & only Amazon! Guys, they just have everything & that’s why I could probably build a guest house with all the Amazon Prime boxes sitting on my back porch waiting to be recycled. Onto the goods…

Y’all probably already guessed that I’m kinda obsessed with Amazon Prime, nope this isn’t sponsored. I just legit use Amazon for pretty much everything, so I had to search it up & down for one of the trends I am just beyond loving…MILLENNIAL PINK! Oh for the love of pink, I found some amazing things on Amazon & just had to share with y’all! If you catch any good finds, let me know 😉

millennial pink home decor

I love that cactus print & items are getting so much love lately! As I was browsing Amazon for something cactus to add to the home for spring/summer, I came across SO many cool cactus home decor items that I just had to share with y’all!!

Cactus home decor