Fall means getting back to travel some traveling, we’ve taken a bit of break with all the crazy & well summer is just too hot for me! So I’m ready to get packing & I wanted to share this easy breezy dress with y’all from Hale Bob.

Blogging can be a confusing world, you start off just wanting to share & have fun but then you gain traction, gain readers & things start to change.

With more eyes on you, you wonder what am I doing? And then you see all these amazing bloggers doing so well, or so it seems…and you think maybe I should try doing XYZ to be successful. But that’s the thing, success is what you make it. I myself became guilty of straying off my path, playing it safe but no more. And y’all have taken noticed of my change of both playing it safe & now saying that’s not who I am.

Y’all I have more Amazon boxes delivered to my door than I’d ever care to admit, when your a prime member it’s just too easy clicking that one click ship button! So if you need to get your closet ready for fall, I’ve got you covered & I tried my best to only pick items that are on Amazon Prime!

Transitioning into fall fashion gets me so excited & then I realize that I live in Houston, TX…we have shorts weather roughly 85% of year? But that doesn’t stop me from smartly transitioning my wardrobe to fall without the fear of boiling in my fall fashion. Fall fashion in Texas can still be done y’all! Let me show you how with these key pieces I got from Mud Pie’s newest fall additions!

Keeping our skin safe from the sun is very important to me. I’ve always been hyper aware of the sun & its effects because just a hour in the sun can leave my skin in pain. But thankfully that means my children’s skin is always cared for & recently I got a chance to try COOLA Sun Care products free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.