On our trip to Colorado earlier this month we had a chance to stay at another Glamping Hub rental! And y’all I wish I could have stayed for a whole month in this beautiful & well thought out cabin in the mountains of Fraser, Colorado. There are pages of rustic cabins on Glamping Hub that will get you itching for a getaway!

Today I’m recapping our 12 trips in 12 months goal for 2017. I honestly don’t even know what number we are at yet, so I’m excited to put this post together to see just what has been done, what I might need to still upload to the blog & plan out the rest of our trips for the year! Let’s Go!

This post took way to long for me to get up, I just didn’t want to believe this trip I looked so forward to was done and over with. But spoiler alert: we loved it & are trying to make time for another trip during cooler weather.

Our trips this year have taken us places we’ve never been & next up is Sea World San Antonio. I hadn’t ever visited Sea World & after a dinner I was invited to I was intrigued to visit.

If y’all remember, we are still going strong for our goal of 12 trips for the year of 2017. We’ve been slacking on posting them on here because I’ve been lax on recording our travels. So you’ll have to excuse if some trips aren’t as detailed as others. When we went to Spicewood, TX we stayed in the cutest tiny home found on Glamping Hub (you can see that post here). But here are a few things I didn’t mention….

For our 2nd trip in our 12 trips in 12 months goal we escaped to Hill Country, you could call it Austin, TX but it’s a little out of the way in Spicewood! You can bet I said Spicewood more than my husband’s ears could handle. And when choosing this get away we decided to go with the flow & try not to plan every minute. Except for where we stayed, which was EASY once we found the cutest eco-cabin through Glamping Hub!