Gingham just screams SUMMER TIME!!! And y’all might have seen this mommy + mini look featuring my favorite breezy gingham top. But here is another way I’m wearing my favorite top along with gingham pieces I’m drooling over from my favorite places to shop!!

Hey guys! So I’ve gone and did a quick thrift haul & try on video for all of those who message me asking for more thrift store goodness! I’m hoping to make this a regular thing but just need to get my feet wet a bit more. So I hope y’all enjoy the video!!

With the days getting longer it seems like they get a bit crazier, probably because the sun doesn’t go down as quick signaling the kids to chill out & get ready for bed. But I’m grasping at every sliver of fun I get with these kiddos of mine. During homework time we love to take it outside with our Goldfish snacks & enjoy some rare quiet moments together.

Ok so we are all stressing about sneaking veggies into our kids diet but we need to lead by example. New articles come out everyday stressing to us the importance of vegetables. Well hopefully you eat your veggies & your good habits will eventually rub off on the kiddos…but until then enjoy a sweet treat from Garden Lites. The chocolate muffins are over 1/3 veggies!!

And just like that this pie had a huge smear & I had a toddler rubbing Edwards chocolate Creme Pie all over herself. But that’s life as a mom right? Just praying for that moment of peace for the day? 😉  Well here’s how I made peace with a piece of Edwards Pie….

I’m going to be doing Friday Favorites again…well I hope to 😉 This adorable trend is the smaller version of a graphic print t-shirt for us minimalist tshirt peeps!