Why Your Thrift Store Sucks.

Y’all know I love to thrift & that my wardrobe is a hefty percentage of second hand fashion that I’ve collected in my many trips…


Y’all know I love to thrift & that my wardrobe is a hefty percentage of second hand fashion that I’ve collected in my many trips to Houston thrift stores. And the number one thing I hear from people that want to thrift is “Well I went once but I didn’t find anything, my thrift store just sucks” ….GIRL! Lemme stop you RIGHT there….

thrifted style

I go thrifting in Houston TONS….as in SEVERAL times a week & you know what? I come out empty handed too…tons of times I find nothing for myself! But that’s the thing about thrifting, you’ve got to make it a regular thing to find those hidden gems.

Thrift stores are constantly switching out merchandise, in just one visit to my Houston Goodwill I can see several racks of clothing & bins of hard goods come out to be put on the shelves. These are actually my favorite places to look for items because they haven’t been picked over, they are were I find a lot of my amazing thrift store finds! But every store has a different way it works, I have one thrift store that they don’t like you touching the racks when they are being put away so I get to look like a loon while chasing around the employee putting things on the racks/shelves.

I love sharing my thrift store clothing finds with y’all to inspire but sometimes I forget to tell you that they are pieces over several trips to my Houston thrift stores. It’s not as easy as shopping for your clothes online with a click click checkout & a box of clothes arrives a few days later. But I love knowing I’ve saved so many secondhand clothing pieces, it feels good to care for the Earth in my tiny bit. And my bank account isn’t mad when I go on a “shopping spree” 😉

TOP – vintage thrifted $2
SKIRT – thrifted $2
SHOES – Kate Spade (poshmark)
PURSE – vintage thrifted $2

thrift store outfit

thrift store outfit blog

thrifted outfit

thrift store style blog  thrift store outfits


  1. So funny ?- I live right between 2 amazing Goodwill stores & they’re so nice about waiting for people to look through the “new” racks & bins. Took car for some maintenance in a different area yesterday-so naturally had to stop in the Goodwill nearby….. as soon as I started looking at the rack, the worker rolled it away – ? for one second, I pondered following her, then jumped in and did exactly that, It was comical ???

  2. First, you look super adorable and I’m impressed you can stick those landings in wedges! My pics would have been me on the ground, lol. Also, I’ve wanted to get more into thrifting, but I think I’ve given up to easy. Good tip that you won’t get something every time — everything you find is always crazy adorable. Thanks, Pam!

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