DIY Anthropologie Candle

As I scrolled through the Anthropologie candle section I realized a project I had put onto the back burner was actually something that came to…


As I scrolled through the Anthropologie candle section I realized a project I had put onto the back burner was actually something that came to like on Anthro…so now my project is inspired by them…even if it’s been something on my brain for the longest LOL I’ve been saving vintage brass & silver containers that I’ve thrifted to make into candles…problem is that before 2 weeks ago I had never made a candle. BUT GUYS! It’s such a fun hobby to start, it may seem overwhelming with all you need to start but there’s a bunch of things you’ll only need to buy once. So let’s get started on this DIY Anthropologie candle that will have your house smelling AMAZING in no time at all!

First, let me share the Anthro candles that inspired me to get my booty in gear…just LOOK at those prices! Yes, I get it is vintage copper but lucky for me I’m in thrift stores quite a bit & it can be found on ebay if you’re willing to look. 

What you need to make your own DIY Capri Blue Candle:

  • Candle starter kit (these kit is great when you’re just getting started making candles)
  • Soy wax 
  • Scale (this will help you measure the exact wax you need as to not waste any)
  • Thermometer 
  • Fragrance Oil (this & this one both smell JUST like the infamous Anthro Volcano candles! I’ve tested both since they go in & out of stock)
  • Candle containers (I thrifted mine but rounded up a few alternative new & vintage for you!)


Step 1 to making your own DIY Anthropologie candle

Set your clean containers (also, I love polishing my brass & copper with Bar Keepers Friend) on the scale & zero it out, slowly fill it with water to where you would want it to be filled with water. You’ll want to quickly download the app CandleCalculator to figure out just how much wax & fragrance oil you’ll need (this will be different for each candle since we are using unique candle containers), trust me…it’s much easier than the math (been there, over that).


Step 2 to DIY Capri Blue Candles

Measure out your wax & then melt wax in metal pouring pitcher over boiling water, stirring occasionally, until completely melted. Heat until the wax reaches 180 degrees, remove from heat, add in the fragrance oil, stir for 90 seconds. Let cool until 130-140*F

Step 3 to Anthropologie Volcano Candles

While the wax is cooling, use the sticky tabs to position your wick into the bottom of your container & the little bow tie looking things to keep your wick standing in place (or kitchen scewers on each side work well too) . Pour your amazing smelling wax into clean dry containers to cure! 

Give soy wax candles at least a week to cure before lighting them up & enjoying or gifting to family and friends!

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