DIY: Hanging Rug as Wall Art

How to create large hanging wall art with a rug & limited DIY skills! Hanging a rug as wall art is a stylish way to decorate!


Hanging a rug as wall art is an excellent way to cover a large area of wall in your home with a new texture, I love that instead of another hard surface on the wall like framed art it can add some softness to the walls & sometimes in a less expensive way if you aren’t hanging anything precious. I recently found this rug for $5 & knew I had the perfect place for it…and you can probably already tell it wasn’t going on the ground! I put a plan together to hang this rug as wall art & it worked out so perfectly that I had to share it with y’all!

Materials Needed to create Hanging Rug Wall Art:

How to create Hanging Rug Wall Art:

  1. Give your rug a quick ironing if it has an unnecessary amount of wrinkles (seriously this step made ALL the difference, check out that before after)
  2. Cut your board down to the width of the rug (depending on which way you’re hanging it)
  3. Cover the front & top of your board with the rug (see image below)
  4. Staple into place 
  5. Tap the sawtoothed picture hanger into place in the back of the middle of your board & hang! PIN FOR LATER!


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