Fall 2016 Trends You Should Try Thrifting For

Trends come and go. And then come again.. One of my favorite things to look for while thrifting is current trends. I keep my ear…



Trends come and go. And then come again.. One of my favorite things to look for while thrifting is current trends. I keep my ear to the ground by flipping through whatever catalogs & magazines pass my hands and following magazines & designers on Instagram. I’m no mind reader when it comes to trends, I just keep an eye on what’s to come. And most trends I won’t bother with, but when I see a trend I’m excited for..I go for it!

And the thing about trends, I’m never sure if I can “pull it off”. I don’t want to look back & shake my head at how I was just throwing anything on to follow trend. I want to feel comfortable & confident in what I wear.


Culottes…these pants are straight from the 90s. I can see some mom wearing them with her fanny pack while screaming at her kids to take a picture in front of an amusement park sign. But with a fresh white tank & some fun chunky heels. It’s updated & is completely on trend. While costing a fraction of the price of similar culottes. I absolutely love the inspiration I got from Show Me Your Mumu for this outfit!

If you are unsure about a trend, maybe check out a local thrift store & see if you can find something you can make new again there! Or even try your hand at some DIY when it comes to some trends…like the time I DIY’ed some Pom Pom Sandals…or that other time I DIY’ed some more sandals.

Fall 2016 Trends I’m currently thrifting for are velvet, silk, booties, prairie dresses & dark florals.

And I might be scouring the thrift racks weekly, but when I find something that catches my eye & I can’t live without. I’ll just throw some cash down on it, like my Kate Spade Parrot sandals!


Have you thrifted anything fun lately? Let me know in the comments




  1. Such a fun post! I think I’ll be headed to my local thrift store tonight to see what fun fall finds I can score 🙂 xo, sharon


  2. I love the resurgence of culottes because they’re just so incredibly chic!! Love that you’ve found a pair with such an amazing print!!

    Helen xx

  3. I haven’t been to a thrift store in ages but you’ve inspired me that I might find some amazing stuff if I do!

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