Fall Coffee Bar with Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

Thank you to Hamilton Beach for sponsoring these #coffeemoments. #FlexBrew Y’all…coffee is an essential part of my life & my dreams have come true with…


Thank you to Hamilton Beach for sponsoring these #coffeemoments. #FlexBrew

Y’all…coffee is an essential part of my life & my dreams have come true with my new coffee machine. And to celebrate, Hamilton Beach is letting me giveaway one of their amazing FlexBrew coffee makers!!!!


For the longest we’ve had a full pot coffee machine because I just drink too much coffee to keep putting pods in the coffee machine…but on the other hand I love the single serve coffee machines to make a quick cup of coffee, hot cocoa, or tea. So naturally, I’ve been dreaming of a two in one sort of machine that didn’t take up a massive amount of space in my small kitchen. And then, in all of its glory the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew turned up…oh me, oh my!

This sweet coffee maker has already been put to the test with me, visitors & my kids! Since no two coffee drinkers are the same, the dual features mean I can make a pot of coffee in the 12-Cup Carafe but also have a variety of single use pods to satisfy any request that someone might have. Also, the single serve size has a brew basket if you want to have grounds!

In addition to having a variety of drinks that I can make at the touch of a button, I like to keep a few things on hand to put out when having guests over. By putting these things right next to the coffee machine it takes the guess work out of where things might be for the coffee. I always like to keep on hand sugar, individual creamers, milk and a package of toss & go coffee cups (also keep a marker on hand so people can write their names on the cup).

Have I made you excited for this 2 in 1 brew system from Hamilton Beach yet? If so, here’s your chance to win your very own Hamilton Beach FlexBrew! There are a bunch of ways to enter & greater your chance of scoring this amazing machine below!

If you can’t wait & want to just snag one ASAP, use the following promo code for 10% off 10FLEXBREW!

Enter for a chance to win a Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Coffee Maker. Ages 18 +. US Only.

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  1. Love this! I would definitely use 12 cup carafe on the daily , and have green tea pods for mom when she visits!

  2. This would be my dream coffee machine – full pot for most days and the single brew for something special like hot cocoa – love it!

  3. Since I live alone I would use the single serve side more but the 12 cup carafe would be great for when I have company

  4. I would probably use the 12 cup pot side everyday. But, I’d like to experiment with the single pod side to make adult coffee beverages with whipped cream.

  5. Okay, this is amazing! I also just totally mainline the coffee in the am and need a big carafe, but I don’t want to waste a filter on a single cup of decaf later, or miss the chance on brewing one hot chocolate. This is seriously the perfect solution! Thanks, Pam!

  6. I would use the single serve mostly. However, there would be a few times when I would also use the 12 cup.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win. Nice prize

  7. I’ve been stuck with a four cup pot after a single serve for so long I am ready to grab coffee without having to make each individual cup.

  8. I think I would use both sides equally! It’s getting cooler outside so having friends and family over for a visit and coffee will be the norm!

  9. I would use the single side the most. My husband doesn’t drink coffee so I would use the other side for friends etc.

  10. I would use the single serve side the most. Although the carafe side won’t go unused because my husband only likes brewed coffee like that.

  11. That’s a toss up. During the fall and winter I’d use the single cups more. More coffee drinking throughout the day.

  12. I would use the carafe side at least once a day if not twice. My hubby and I both enjoy making single serve cups a few times a day as well. Our kcup machine just gave us its last cup and died.

  13. If I am the only one drinking, then the single brew would be used the most. The only time I want to make a pot of coffee is when company is coming

  14. It would probably be 50/50. Most mornings I would use the 12 cup but as time goes on, the house gets emptier and I would use the single cup.

  15. BOTH! Lots of coffee drinkers here. SO if we are home we’d use the 12 cup side, as running out we’d use the single cup side. Probably the 12 cup side the most, but both would get tons of use! We love our coffee!

  16. You are adorable! And this coffee contraption would be amazing for when we have company they likes to power though a couple cups of joe a day!

  17. I would use both! The single for when its just me and the 12-Cup Carafe when I have guests, like at holiday dinners. I have never owned a single cup brewer so I would be new to figuring this all out.

  18. My hubby would use the main carafe, I’d use the single serve…such a great thing for a split household!

  19. I would use the single cup often. Since I am the only one in my home that drinks coffee. Lol Thanks for the chance!

  20. This looks so freaking cool!!! I would use the single serve more often probably. My fiancee likes a lot of coffee so he would probably use the 12 cup more! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. more than likely would be using the cup side the most but when company is over or during the holidays and cold season will be using the pot side more

  22. The 12 cup, we entertain a lot and the larger size would definitely be welcomed! Ladies tea isn’t tea anymore, everyone wants coffee now!

  23. I would use the 12 cup carafe the most every morning but then I can see me using the single serve several times every day too. This is the coffee pot I need in my life.

  24. I drink a cup of coffee almost every day, so I would use the pod side more. Every once and a while my husband or daughter will have coffee, so the 12 cup would be used as well.

  25. Both sides are great as freshly brewed coffee can’t be beat but there are times you want a quick cup of coffee and the pods are great. Best part besides having a choice of which side as thatvthe quality and taste of pods are getting more delicious so it’s a double win!

  26. Single cup for the busy weekday mornings, full carafe for the weekends with family and friends. I couldn’t think of a coffee brewer more perfect.

  27. I would use the single serve most often as it is usually just me, but the carafe is awesome to have when there is company …not an option with a lot of single serve units so this is a great feature!

  28. This is amazing! I need this in my life! ? I love that you can brew a single cup or you can use the basket to brew grounds.

  29. I would use the single serve side more than the 12 cup pot side, but it would be wonderful to have the option of either.

  30. Probably the single serve. However, during the winter months I drink more coffee so will use the carafe more. πŸ™‚ Thank you..

  31. I would use the single use side the most but the 12 cup would be amazing when guests arrive…so Single use would work everyday.

  32. I would probably use the single serve side more, as we all tend to get our coffee at different times of the day.

  33. We would use the 12-cup side more. Hubby drinks a pot divided through the day. When I am in the mood for coffee I use a pod!

  34. I drink a lot of coffee, so I would use the 12 cup side more. It would be nice to use the pod side sometimes too!

  35. It’s the best of both worlds!! I’d use the whole pot in the morning and then the single cup for after dinner <3

  36. Either one has it’s benefits. πŸ™‚ I’d probably use the 12 carafe since I drink a lot of coffee! But I’m also the only coffee drinker in the house. x)

  37. I am a college student and a new fresh cup of coffee really gets me ready for class, so I would chose single serve.

  38. The main reason I didn’t get a single serve coffee maker is because we drink way too much coffee. I would love the option to add single cup for specialty flavors or hot chocolate.

  39. Honestly I’d use both the same. A nice carafe full in the AM for me and my husband and a cup for me in the afternoon.

  40. We would use the 12 cup carafe the most. We are coffeeholics in this home. I always tease hubby that he is a coffee snob because he is finicky about the brand that he uses.

  41. Oh what a dream machine. Would use the 12 cup feature a lot but several family members would love the single cup feature. So awesome.

  42. i would use both. the 12 on weekends when more people are home and the 1 cup when its just mainly me during the week!

  43. We would use the single serve more often due to varying schedules. The other side would be used on the weekends when we are both home and drink coffee throughout the day.

  44. I would probably use the 12 cup size on a regular basis, I have a husband and 2 young adult children and between all of us, we could easily go through 12 cups. πŸ™‚

  45. I think we’d use the 12 cup side in the mornings and then if anyone wanted a coffee or tea later in the day if would be easy to use the pod side for that

  46. Our household would use both. I am not a huge fan of coffee so for myself I would do the single brew with specialty flavors.

  47. We drink a lot of coffee at our house, and we’d use the carafe side more. This would be so great to have for entertaining!

  48. I would probably end up using the single serve side a bit more often than the 12 cup side. But I love having both options available.

  49. I would probably use the full pot more. My husband drinks more coffee than I do but he makes a full pot before he goes to work so I don’t have to worry about making it and then I warm it in the microwave when I am ready to drink my coffee.

  50. I would use the single pod side more, but with the holidays fast-approaching, you gotta have a carafe brewing at all times! πŸ™‚

  51. We would probably use the single cup more!! It’s just my daughter and I so we never need to make a full pot of coffee.

  52. This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Very cool! I would probably use both options fairly equally. I often need a full plt for my household in the mornings, or if guests stop by, but frequently fix myself a “pod coffee” for doing the evening activity run or errands, to limit buying coffee when out. Thanks for introducing the Flex Brew and the chance to win!

  53. I usually make a single serving for myself … a few times! When I serve coffee to company, it takes a long time to make one cup at a time. I certainly would appreciate the dual features.

  54. it depends on if hubby is home or not. when he is we would use the 12 cup carafe but when hes on the road and its just me then it would definitely be the single serve side

  55. I Would use the single EVERY day for myself and the pot several times a week when others visit for coffee.

  56. My husband would definitely use the caraffe side the most. As for myself I would use the pod side, I like different flavors especially during the holidays.

  57. I drink coffee all day I love love love coffee!!!!! This would be perfect because most of the time it’s just me so I would probably use the k cup side more, but first thing in the morning I use the pot to make my husband coffee also before work, and for those occasions when I have family and friends over. Hope I win this would be perfect!!!!!! Thank you good luck everyone

  58. I’m an all day coffee drinker so big pot first part of day and single side in afternoon. Thank for the opportunity !

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