First Time: OH. MY. BOTOX.

Y’all I got Botox, I went to Houston’s Coolest Med Spa at Skin Essentials. Yeah I did it! I always said when I was 30…


Y’all I got Botox, I went to Houston’s Coolest Med Spa at Skin Essentials. Yeah I did it! I always said when I was 30 I would start getting Botox, because y’all that means your old right? Ha! Well I hit 30 without a line in my face & was like uhhhh yeah no. No thanks to unnecessary needles in my face, I’m not saying Botox is at all necessary, it’s not. It’s something I did for myself, I wanted to freshen my face up a bit & let me tell you how it went.

So Houston’s Coolest Med Spa at Skin Essentials contacted me to see if I’d like to try Botox for the first time with them! I almost just deleted the email because well…needles! First I went in for the consultation & was all like “Oh shoot….needles are about to touch my face.” I’m seriously, heart racing, I’ll punch you in the face afraid of needles. It’s become less of an issue since having kids, being pregnant includes blood test (more if you’re anemic, me!), having a complicated first birth that included blood transfusion (hello needles) & well all that will have your fear of needles numb a bit. But every time I’m near a needle I have the urge to jump up, push the person who has the needle & haul butt to the nearest exit. I’ve successfully pushed that urge down though.

So back to the Botox, after a quick consultation & talk with DLana I learned how much Botox I’d need for what I felt like were my problem areas (forehead & the lines between my eyes) & numbing creme was applied to my whole forehead.

I took a deep breath, waited for DLana to come back with the goods. She had my Botox & wait that needle didn’t look as big as I thought it would. Insert the biggest sigh of relief right here.

I laid back, squished my face in positions that would show my lines so she could determine the best spots to treat. And so the injections of Botox began & with the numbing creme it felt like the tiniest ant bites. But the one thing I had NEVER heard from anyone who got Botox was that you can hear the muscle cracking when the Botox is put in. It is beyond weird & almost had me bust out laughing during the procedure!

I was so nervous but it was done in the snap of a finger, so quick and effortless. Now for the results, they look smooth, clean & refreshed! Just for reference I received 25 units of Botox & if you wanna try Houston’s Coolest Med Spa at Skin Essentials, they gave me a code for y’all!

With the code “ITSPAMDEL” You get 10 units of BOTOX FOR FREE!!





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