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Our family loves a good game night, there’s usually stacks of both games & food! Usually, I’m in the kitchen cooking away while dashing back…


Our family loves a good game night, there’s usually stacks of both games & food! Usually, I’m in the kitchen cooking away while dashing back and forth between games…but I’ve had it, I just want to sit with the family and soak in all the game night goodness with my family. I found the perfect way to get our favorite restaurants (you know the ones who won’t deliver…) so we can enjoy them with a game night!

FAVOR!!! Favor is the most amazing, get it delivered app! And when I say “it”, I mean anything!  I headed onto Favor as we played one of our favorite games to get everyone’s must-have game night fuel delivered for dinner, which of course NOBODY wanted the same thing but that was just fine as long as I didn’t have to cook dinner. We ordered sushi from my favorite date night spot, a burrito from Chipotle, tacos from Taco Bell & my daughter’s favorite fried rice… yes we had four deliveries for our dinner! LOL! Emily thought it was hilarious to see back to back to back food deliveries!

Being a work at home mom with a four-year-old, means I am always trying to find ways to make my days efficient as possible. One thing I’m always trying to tell myself & share with others is that it’s TOTALLY FINE to outsource! Let someone go pick up the dog food & 5 cases of sparkling water you go through in a week, I find those tasks where bulky items are involved so annoying, so having someone else do it takes the edge off my week!

I had quite a few questions on what Favor was when I shared our four dinners on Instagram stories, so let me give you the low down on what Favor is & what I love about them:

  • Delivery in UNDER ONE HOUR (whaatttt?! that’s insane, low key I use to use another service before I found out about Favor & they’d have the closest window for delivery as 5 hours sometimes…and y’all I’m not a planner, I can’t commit to being home in 5 hours LOL)
  • They deliver ALL THE THINGS! Seriously like I said above, that heavy bag of dog food, dinner from your favorite restaurants, new games for game night & even beer/wine!
  • MUST have for entertaining!! Favor is essential for throwing parties, dinners, BBQs or any get together! Get all your party must-haves delivered (flowers, decor, food from places like Target) so you can focus on cleaning your mess of a house (that just me? LOL)
  • And right now, Favor is offering new users a FREE MONTH of deliveries! Favor offers one free month of deliveries to new users!


Have you tried Favor yet? I’d love to hear the last thing you got delivered from Favor!

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