Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine, TX Stay

We had an absolute blast at Great Wolf Lodge & can’t wait for our next stay with them but until then…I wanted to answer some…


We had an absolute blast at Great Wolf Lodge & can’t wait for our next stay with them but until then…I wanted to answer some of the questions I got about Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX.


Is the indoor water park the only activity at Great Wolf Lodge?

No! Far from it, this is the one thing that was most surprising to our family. When I think Great Wolf Lodge, I automatically think of indoor water park…probably like most people. But they’ve got TONS of activities, an outdoor water areas with water slides, daily activities in the lobby with characters, bed time stories, dance parties, rope courses, Magiquest, an arcade…oh goodness I could just go on.

Is Great Wolf Lodge Paw Pass worth it?

Yes! This is a great way to stay on budget actually, your kids will see exactly what activities to look forward to. I love passes like this because it sets up my kids & us for success by letting us all know what we are doing. The Paw Pass gives you access to their best attractions for one price.

Is great wolf lodge fun for the adults?

YES! I loved it (as did my husband), there was lots to do & much of it was fun for the whole family. The Magiquest games was a favorite & we saw TONS of adults playing it! Along with every other age! Truly fun for the whole family. Oh & there is an adults only area in the indoor water park…man that looked tempting to enjoy a hot tub without kids 😉

What is Great Wolf Lodge Magiquest?

It’s the newest workout phenomenon..ha! Just kidding but be ready to put your steps in with this magical game that includes fairies, magical paintings & a Goblin King. You can take your wand home as a souvenir and bring it back to use over and over again with the purchase of new adventures. I recommend only buying one magic wand if your family is going to stick together during the whole game, some lines for things would get long & we’d have to go through the same process for each wand and I felt like we held up lines.

Are the rooms at Great Wolf Lodge nice/big?

YES! The standard room is SO roomy & the whole Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine,TX is having their rooms spruced up to a more modern look. We got a sample of what was coming to the whole property.

What is Howl-O-Ween at Great Wolf Lodge?

An espicially spooky & wonderful time of the year! They were decorating during our stay & OH MY GOODNESS, I can’t even imagine how the whole thing looks because Great Wolf Lodge was already looking amazing! Howl-O-Ween offers a Trick-Or-Treat trail, monster bash dance party & spooktacular story time!

Is the food at Great Wolf Lodge expensive? Is it good?

The Loose Moose Cottage offers buffets for breakfast & dinner, the pricing is very much what I expected & the quality is AMAZING. I feel bad for even calling it a buffet because that conjures up images of “meh” food, when the food that is created here is much higher than your average buffet with tons of variety. And if you have allergies, you can let them know before your stay & they encourage you to talk to their chefs for your families allergen needs







  1. This is why I love blogs…always learning about products or places I was not familar with. Thorough review on Great Wolf Lodge?

  2. Sounds like y’all had a great time! Love that it’s family friendly…and that there’s an adults only area in the water park!

  3. We have a great wolf lodge in the state that I live in but I have never been. I’m going to have to take the family, I’ve always heard that it’s a great place.

  4. I have never been to Great Wolf Lodge but it looks really awesome there, and a lot of fun for the kids.

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