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As we began the New Year -2019, I’ve decided to regularly publish my monthly Poshmark income report and to share my progress selling on Poshmark….


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As we began the New Year -2019, I’ve decided to regularly publish my monthly Poshmark income report and to share my progress selling on Poshmark. I started selling on Poshmark last summer. Previously I’ve been selling on eBay for a couple of years, and then I wanted to try a new platform. Having learned what sells best on poshmark, I’m going to get rid of my eBay store this year and focus on reselling on other platforms – not just on Poshmark, I sell on TheRealReal & thredUP too. A few months ago, I posted some of my best thrift flips for the year, since it became such a popular post, I decided to publish a monthly reselling income report.

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My Reasons for Writing My Resell Income Reports

 I love reselling online, so I want to share what I love doing – finding treasures in thrift stores and turning them into a source of income.

I hope to encourage you to pursue any side hustle you have, I’ve pursued this side hustle from the time I was just trying to make some extra money as a stay at home mom from taking it to a full time income as I worked on steadying my blog income. And again, it’s fallen into a side hustle as a source of extra income. It takes very little to start but can pay off big time. I’d love to eventually share all the ways how I find what sells best on Poshmark & tips for reselling online. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment so I can go over it in the next income report.

How I Got Started with Flipping Thrift Store Items Online

After having my son, around ten years ago, I began frequenting thrift stores. As I started finding nicer items as I combed the stores, I began to wonder if there was a way I could make money off these items online – that’s where eBay entered the picture & that is where my reselling journey started. Most people don’t realize that while I’m scouring thrift stores for my next outfit I’m also looking for something to flip for a profit. If you’re more into my thrifted outfits, I have so many of those to share to give you an idea of the awesome things I find while thrifting!

My Resell Stats and Income Report for 2018

This area will be a little more detailed in the upcoming months with resell expenses for the months but since I was mainly reselling from eBay last year, the breakdown of expenses was a bit harder to narrow down for the year.

I sold 158 items in 2018 for a total of $3,414.78 after shipping & Poshmark fees with an average sale amount $21.61.

Goals for January 2019:

  • List $500 worth goods/week
  • Share my closet daily

A goal of mine as a Poshmark reseller was to become a Posh Ambassador in 2018, which I did!  YAY!It has helped tremendously in growing a following on Poshmark which helps get my items shared more often. I am still working on a list of what sells best on Poshmark, since it is a very different platform from eBay.

5 Tips to Get Started Selling on Poshmark:

  • The very first step to take to start selling on poshmark is registration (if you haven’t), you can get a $5 credit if you use the code “PAMELANGEL”
  • As a Poshmark reseller you should take your pictures in square mode…I made this mistake and some of my images are cut off because I shot in vertical originally
  • Even if you’re selling what sells best on poshmark, you need to do one thing well, DESCRIPTIONS. Describe your listings as much as possible. If there are any flaws, make sure you mention and describe them clearly.
  • Next up is the thing that makes Poshmark so different, you’ve got to share those listing. You’ve got to share like your life depends on it. LOL As you share your listings, also share other people’s listings. I’ve found that people often return the favor when I share their listings.
  • Start by cleaning out your closet (or your kid’s closet or your hubby’s) to get your feet wet on the reselling side of the app. When starting out on any new platform I start by selling whatever I can find in my house to get rid of, it helps me learn the app without investing any money up front.

You can check out my other blog posts on reselling through the resell category here on the blog.

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poshmark reseller


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