How I Made Over $900 Reselling Online In January 2019!

If you follow my Instagram or my blog at all, you’ll know I love thrifting. And with that love I quickly learned years ago I…


Things to look for at thrift stores to resell

If you follow my Instagram or my blog at all, you’ll know I love thrifting. And with that love I quickly learned years ago I could make money shopping. I know, every girl’s dream right? Reselling thrift store finds is all about finding the items that people will pay a pretty penny for…and you only pay pennies for.

I am also sharing approximately how many hours I worked on particular platforms each month, I don’t count sourcing items since I don’t go on trips JUST for sourcing anymore. All my trips thrifting are for myself & if I happen to find things to resell..well that’s awesome. And some hours I’ve only shipped because I listed the items I sold in previous month’s. So let’s get into how much time I spent reselling thrift store finds in January.

Approx hours worked:

I had lofty goals for the month of January…ok actually I didn’t. I posted my goals last month when I shared how much I made in 2018  reselling on Poshmark. But I fell short of those goals. Like big time. But even for my minimal hours put in for the month I still made some decent change, I’ve switched my focus to items with a higher resell dollar to help make anytime I put into reselling very much worth it. That goes for all platforms I am posting to.

The Real Real
Approx hours worked:
0 (this was all sent in during December)

I sent over a box of high end items for consignment on The Real Real during a period I was overwhelmed with STUFF. A lot of the items came from my personal closet from past campaigns I did with high end designers that The Real Real accepts or from things I thrifted at amazing prices. A few things I thrifted I wasn’t sure on authenticity, I mean I was 95% sure but don’t like to take that chance when reselling so I love that The Real Real will authenticate items for you when putting them on consignment.

Reselling On eBay
Approx hours worked:
.5 (only shipping)

I’ve been taking a step back from selling on eBay, it’s a platform I think is better when I’m putting full time hours & attention into it. Since reselling isn’t my main focus for income at the moment I’ve taken down all my items & closed my eBay store. I made a few small sales before doing that though.

I might come back to eBay when I have more time to pour into it, but for now I’ll just be a buyer on eBay.

Approx hours worked:
1 (only shipping)

Well moving onto ThredUP, I’ve been sending over items from my eBay store that I don’t think are worth my time to list on other platforms. It’s not tons of money but it is more than I would get from donating it & these are items that have just sat on a shelf as I’ve neglected my eBay store. I plan to start sourcing & sending more to ThredUP Luxe after clearing out my stale inventory.

Reselling On Mercari
Approx hours worked:
2 (listing & shipping)

I had previously been on Mercari before it had any fees deducted & loved it, I decided since I was stepping back from eBay to focus on reselling clothes on Poshmark only I would redownload mercari to sell any hard goods I found worth a pretty penny…or things I had laying around the house that I didn’t need.

Mercari is very straight forward & simple, very much like Poshmark but you can sell pretty much anything. It tells you exactly how much you will make after fees, shipping is simple & listing is fast.

I sold a Vitamix, Vitamix accessory & a camera lens I no longer use on it during January. All of those sold the same day I listed them, I have a handful of others items that have yet to sell but it isn’t costing me any money to have them up. I only pay a fee once I sell an item (& it is automatically taken out of your payment).

Reselling Income Report For January 2018

Ok ok, now what you’ve probably scrolled past the rest of the post for. The numbers for how much I made reselling items online.

Poshmark: $281.98
The Real Real: $268
ThredUP: $86.44
eBay: $76.99
Mercari: $272.50
Total: $908.92

All Reselling Income Reports

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If you have any information you’d like to see in my thrift store flipping income reports, please let me know by leaving a comment. I’d love to help you in your resell journey by answering any questions & giving any information that could be of help.


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