How to Clean, Organize & Disinfect your Kitchen

This post has been sponsored by Art of Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Cleaning, organizing, AND disinfecting your kitchen? It seems like…


This post has been sponsored by Art of Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Cleaning, organizing, AND disinfecting your kitchen? It seems like you need a million products along with a million dollars to get it all done. Well, I’m sharing the small list of items that I constantly reach for & are at the staple of my spring cleaning for my kitchen. You can also follow lots of these tips to clean, organize & disinfect most of the popular areas in your home. 

My must-haves for Kitchen Spring Cleaning:

  • Handheld vacuum (most vacuums can turn handheld or have a hose attachment)
  • Cloralen® Disinfectant Bleach
  • Art of Green® spray
  • HOT water
  • Rags 
  • Bucket


How to clean out drawers & cabinet in the kitchen

1. Pull EVERYTHING out

I start by pulling EVERY single item out of the cabinet or drawer I am starting with. I only work on one shelf or cabinet at a time, so every time I finish an area I feel accomplished & if time gets away you don’t have your whole kitchen spilled out when dinner time comes quicker than you had anticipated. 

2. Vacuum 

Vacuum your entire drawer or cabinet to get out any dust, dirt & random pieces of food that may have snuck in. 

3. Spray

Spray down with Art of Green® spray right after vacuuming, I like to let the cleaner spray a few minutes to really let it attack the muck that’s there & it takes less elbow grease on my end to clean. It makes it so you just have to wipe up. I love Art of Green® spray because it is naturally derived but still hardworking & safe for sensitive skin! And bonus, it SMELLS amazing which is a must if I’m cleaning. I want a scent that’ll make me smile, right now I’m using the Citrus and White Flowers scent. You can learn more at

4. Donate, Trash, Sell, Keep

Grab yourself two boxes & a trash bag to start. I like to begin with checking expiration dates first to get rid of anything that needs to be trashed right away. Next, I go through items & see what I can donate and what items I might be able to sell to make a little money. Be vicious, if you didn’t use those Christmas cookie cutters the past three years (guilty!) then get rid of them. 

5. Disinfect

Disinfecting shouldn’t be something that is done to every area, every time you clean. It’s unnecessary to disinfect everything with every cleaning but when it is necessary I like to mix 1/3 cup of CLORALEN®  Disinfecting Bleach with 1 ½ gallon of hot water. With a sponge or rag, I wipe down the area, let it stand for 5 minutes, wipe again with rag/sponge with only water. When doing my spring cleaning I make sure to disinfect all my small appliances along with the organization containers I use in my cabinets.

REMEMBER! Never mix cleaning products, and especially bleach with ammonia. This can result in dangerous fumes you shouldn’t breathe in! 

6. Find Homes

Don’t just shove everything back, think of what you use most often, who needs/doesn’t need access to it (kids?), group like items, gather smaller similar items in inexpensive shoe box containers (usually $1). Also return items that may have been misplaced to its proper home, as you do all your shelves you’ll notice that it gets easier as items have homes. For example, I created a new home for my vases but instead of digging through all my cabinets for my vases, I will put them in their home as I get through organizing my cabinets. 

7. Wash your Hands

After you’ve finished cleaning make sure to wash your hands thoroughly & treat those hard-working hands to your favorite lotion! 

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