How to Wear a Black Jumpsuit 5 Ways

   I’m sharing 5 ways to wear a black jumpsuit that will stretch your closet! I love taking a piece that nearly everyone has (or…



 I’m sharing 5 ways to wear a black jumpsuit that will stretch your closet! I love taking a piece that nearly everyone has (or is on the edge of buying) and sharing all the ways it can be worn. A versatile piece of clothing in your closet is the best & if you can fill your closets that can be worn in several ways, your closet will feel abundant with outfit choices! Most of the ways I styled this black jumpsuit are with items that can be found in most closets! 

Black Jumpsuit with Jean Jacket

The jean jacket is the garlic salt of the closet! Everyone has it, loves it & uses it when they don’t know what to do. And there’s a reason for that, because it’s just so dang good looking! My first instict when putting on my black jumpsuit is to pair in with my jean jacket & a pair of sneakers. 


Black Jumpsuit with Kimono

I paired this black jumpsuit with a colorful yellow kimono to add some flair to this staple piece in your closet. Adding on a pair of leather wedges to elevate this elevate for a girls night out takes the casual black jumpsuit up a notch!

Black Jumpsuit with Button Down

I just love layering a staple closet piece like this sleeveless black jumpsuit & this time I put one of my favorite button down tops underneath for a work ready look! To help the button down under the black jumpsuit stay in place I like to wear shapewear & tuck the top into it for a smooth look (no weird buldges or buttons showing). Add a pair of mules & you have an easy work ready look with this casual black jumpsuit. 


Black Jumpsuit with Sweater Layered Over 

Guys! I’m telling you, layering is the way to get the most from your closet! I layered a cropped sweater over the black jumpsuit & added a belt to finish the look. Doing a slight tuck of the sweater into the belt will help pull this cool weather jumpsuit look together quickly. 


Black Jumpsuit with Cropped Sweater Under

Another way to layer a sweater with a black jumpsuit is to put it underneath, it can become bunchy at times so I use that same shapewear tip to help smooth things down. I also added my favorite suede mules with this black jumpsuit to polish off the look. 





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