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The everyday can sometimes turn into the boring ole’ thing in repeat, we all get stuck in these ruts. But I’m trying to dig myself…


The everyday can sometimes turn into the boring ole’ thing in repeat, we all get stuck in these ruts. But I’m trying to dig myself out of a creative rut and trying out my silly ideas…even if they don’t turn out like I plan. One thing I’m always looking for is places to shoot pictures, my mind is always running away with “Oh that would be a cool place to take pictures for XYZ” & then while at IKEA thinking “Man, I wish my kitchen was this nice”…a light bulb went off! I should just shoot in IKEA Houston & see what magic I can whip up!

So, what do you think? Did I take an ordinary IKEA showroom & make it a bit more extroidanary?

First I’ll show the prettied up, edited images & then show the pulled back of image of what you see when you’re just doing your Saturday run to IKEA. This first area is what truly inspired it all, the rugs area! And first off, let me tell you…I got stares, everywhere I took a picture there was someone who would stop, tilt their head & wonder “What the heck is that girl doing”…but I willed through it.

And pull back to reveal the true area:

Need some faux plants? Let me show you through the IKEA jungle…

Well that’s not much of a jungle…

Let’s have some coffee & chat in my polka dot living room (I’m snatching the polka dot idea for my office). Funny story, their were two older ladies who stood right in front of me while taking these pictures & just stared at a piece of furniture…that was soo awkward, the area was too small for me to jump up so I just stayed seated.

Cozy up on the sofa with a book, many onlooking families wondering why I took my shoes off to read a faux book on this lovely green sofa. 

Farmer’s market? Nope, just the good ole’ IKEA flower market! Their flowers are guaranteed to never rot in a vase & stink up your kitchen 😉 By the way the dahlias & peonies were on point, I’m thinking to go back for a few very soon.

And the real deal…

Anything we moved around we were sure to put back in its place, we hid a few red price tags here & there inside the items they were attached to, be respectful to any place you are shooting at.

Want more? My buddy Brandy came to shoot my IKEA loving self & I got some awesome shots of her too! So head on over to her blog to see what she shot inside of IKEA!


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